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FrenchCreek 6' Lanyard, Tie-Back, & Anchor All-In-One

FrenchCreek 446AW Shock Absorbing Lanyard

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Product Code: 446AW

FCP's 'Lanchor Series' lanyards are designed to tie backonto themselves, providing an extremely accommodating and adaptable means ofanchoring - eliminating the need for a separate anchorage connector. TheLanchor is a tie-off strap and shock absorbing lanyard all in one! Reducesinventory & cost, simplifies inspections & training, improves compliance.

- 6’ dual leg with 100% tie-off at all times
- “Double-tuff” shock absorbing 'Lanchor' web lanyard with pack
- Tie-back with your lanyard feature
- 1 3/8” Tubular Synthetic webbing
- Internal wear indicating core
- #74N locking snap one end, #63 (5K w/ 3.6K gate)auto-locking snaps other two ends

- Dual-Leg 100% tie-off lanyard with #63 'Lanchor' snap hookson each leg end and #74N snap at pack end - 6' standard length with integralShock Absorbing 'pack'
- Super-strong 'Lanchor' snaps rated to 5,000 lbs in everydirection including gate
Heavy duty webbing provides 5x's more abrasion resistancemaking it ideal for tying off in rough surfaces
Easy to use - one handed operation snap hooks
#63 'Lanchor' snaps have unique look to eliminate confusion,while the built-in web guides direct webbing to proper location for quickconnection and ease of use
Limits Arrest Forces to 900 lbs or less
Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.1 and all applicable OSHAstandards

Material Specifications:

#74N snap hook, 3/4” gate opening, plated cold-formed steel,100% proof loaded to 3600 lbs., minimum tensile 5000 lbs.

#63 auto-locking snap, 5000 lb gate keeper

Webbing: Black 2” wide nylon, tensile strength 6000 lbs.

Webbing: Yellow 1” nylon, tensile strength 6000 lbs.

Webbing: 1 3/4” nylon tear-away

Thread: 138 Black bonded nylon

Thread: 415 White bonded nylon

Thread: 277 White bonded nylon

Shock absorber limits fall-arrest forces to a maximum of 900lbs.

Applicable Standards:

OSHA Subpart M 1926.502, 1910.66, ANSI A10-14, ANSI Z359.1


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