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Euroclean/Nilfisk GD930 Canister HEPA Vacuum

Euroclean/Nilfisk GD930 Canister HEPA Vacuum

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The Euroclean/Nilfisk GD 930 is a canister vacuum cleanerdesigned for solid performance for demanding applications, such as mold orasbestos remediation.

Built for easy handling, high capacity and long life. This 4-gallonunit exceeds federal standards and accepted filtration levels. Designed forcleaning hazardous dust and in areas where total cleaning is necessary. Largevolume commercial grade vacuum for fast, effective cleaning. Comes standardwith: -HEPA filter - plug - 6-foot suction hose - dual mode floor tooltelescopic wand - combination brush/nozzle - crevice tool. For dry pick uponly.

For EPA Lead Paint RRP Compliance

- A multi-stage filtration system features a paper bag, foamfilter and an upstream HEPA filter, helping to ensure indoor air quality. TheHEPA filter is capable of filtering 99.97% of particles, down to and including0.3 microns
- Quiet operation
- Large wheels, caster, low profile and convenient carryinghandle make it exceptionally easy to use
- Rugged construction enables it to withstand heavy duty use
- Sturdy steel container, 4-gallon capacity
- Quick and simple access to internal parts for easyservicing

High Efficiency HEPA: The Euroclean GD930HSP HEPAVacuum Cleaner is designed with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filteras the last primary filtration stage and is capable of capturing particles of0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency.

Intake Filtration: The HEPA filter is located on theintake side of the motor to provide a positive seal (filter drawn towardmotor), and the vacuum is gasketed, so that the air drawn into the machine isexpelled through the HEPA filter.

Large Capacity: Four-gallon capacity for big jobswhere fast, effective removal of dry hazardous dust is required.

Rugged Design: Chrome-plated steel tank, fullwrap-around vinyl bumper, ABS base and top, quality construction and attentionto detail makes this HEPA vacuum cleaner an excellent choice for theprofessional.

Ergonomic: Designed to minimize operator fatigue, theGD930HSP is lightweight, compact and requires minimal storage space. Footoperated on/off switch prevents stooping.

Low Noise Level: Reduced motor noise makes this HEPAvacuum suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Excellent Suction: Euroclean designs their motors forsuperior suction power for more reliable performance.

Air-Driven Beater Bar: Optional air-driven beater barnozzle aids in dislodging and collecting deep dust from carpets. VA7021

ETL Listed: Tested and listed by ETL, a NationallyRecognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), to UL Standard 1017 7th Edition and CSAStandard C22.2 No. 243-01 3rd Edition for electrical safety.

DOP Tested: Euroclean's HEPA filter is 100% DOPTested as 99.97% efficient in capturing particulates with an average size of0.3 microns, according to U.S. Military Standard 282 (MIL-STD-282).

HEPA Filter: 99.97% efficient @ 0.3 microns

HEPA Location: Intake side of motor

HEPA Filter Area: 1860 sq. in.

Collection Bag: 4-gallon capacity

Canister Construction: Chrome-plated steel w/ABS baseand top

Weight: 17.5 lbs (less hose and tools)

Dimensions: 13"H x 15"W x 17.5"L

Bumper: Full wraparound, non-marking vinyl

Motor: 1.25 hp (8 amp)

Motor Type: Two-stage, non-bypass

Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 1000W

Sound Level: 66 dB(A) @ 6'6"

Air Flow: 67 cfm

Sealed Water Lift: 89" wc

Power Cord: Safety Yellow, 35 feet, grounded

Vacuum Hose Diameter: 1-1/4 inch

Hose Length: 6 feet

Telescopic Wand: Expands from 2 to 3 feet

Options: High filtration dust bags, air-driven beaterbar

Shipping Weight: 29 pounds (29 lbs dim. wt.)

Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 25"

Applicable Standard: MIL-STD-282, EN 1822

Product Sheet

GD930 HEPA (110-120 V, 1000 W) with Accessory Kit includes: (1) Dust Bag, 32mm Hose with Bent End Wand, 32mm Telescopic Aluminum Wand, 32mm Combination Floor Nozzle, 32mm Combination Round Brush /Upholstery Nozzle, 32mm Crevice Nozzle


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