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Fiberlock Lead Barrier Compound (LBC)

Fiberlock Lead Barrier Compound (LBC)

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Product Code: EN4001

LBC (Lead Barrier Compound) forms a barrier betweenlead-based paint and the environment to offer unparalleled coverage, economicsand aesthetics while preserving historic and architectural detail. Inindependent testing, LBD met and surpassed the ASTM E-1795 standard for lead-basedpaint encapsulants for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in white (5800)and antique linen (5801)

- LBC forms a barrier between lead-based paint and the environment

- LBC complies with all EPA and HUD requirements for lead-basedpaint encapsulants and is recognized as a permanent method for abatement oflead-based paint

For use in all 50 states

UL Classified

Class A fire rated

Contains a bitter tasting anti-ingestant

Safety Data Sheet

How to Use


Carefully clean up with a wet mop and HEPA vacuum. Mixthoroughly, preferably with an electric drill mounted device designed forblending liquid coatings. Clear liquid present when container is opened is anintegral part of the product and must be mixed in completely. LBC is suppliedin a tintable white base, and may be tinted to light colors with two ounces orless of universal liquid colorant (per gallon). Field tinting by the end useror an unauthorized distributor, or the addition of more than two ounces ofuniversal colorant will void all warranties. Medium or deep-base colors may beavailable from Fiberlock; please call for details. Prior to application of LBC,inspect all surfaces to ensure they are clean, dry and free of all contaminantsincluding: dust, rust, grease, oil, mildew, glue size, calcimine, wax, soap,loose paint, or any other surface contaminant which may affect adhesion. Use avacuum with a HEPA filter specifically designed to capture hazardous dust andwaste or wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. Patch and repair irregularities insurfaces with appropriate patching compound. For high gloss or newly paintedsurfaces wet scour with Fiberlock’s LeadSafe Wipes or other approved surfacepreparation treatment. Use a coarse scouring pad or similar tool, and/or liquidde-glossing agents to eliminate any gloss where necessary. Rinse de-glossingagents as directed by manufacturer. Wear proper personal protection for anycleaning product used as determined by the manufacturer. For detailed surfacepreparation and application instruction, please refer to LBC Specification.


Most surfaces do not require a primer coat. However, aprimer is recommended for treating the following conditions:

Prime unpainted metal surfaces with a 100% acrylic rustinhibitive primer.

Prime water damaged surfaces with at 100% acrylic stainblocking primer.

Prime unpainted wood and drywall with a 100% acrylicuniversal primer.

Prime unpainted brick, masonry or block with a masonryconditioner.

Prime chalky surfaces with a chalk resistant primer.


Apply Fiberlock LBC with brush, roller or airless sprayequipment.

Brush: Synthetic, nylon or polyester bristle

Roller: Synthetic Fiber 3/8”-1/2” nap roller

Spray Settings: Pressure: 1300-2000 P.S.I. Tips: .015 to .021 tips


Fiberlock LBC must be applied when air and surfacetemperatures are above 45°F at time of application and for 12 hours thereafter.14 wet mils are required to achieve the required minimum dry fi lm thickness of7 dry mils. Always use a wet mil gauge to measure coating thickness duringapplication. Apply a minimum of 2 liberal coats when using a brush or roller.


@ 70°F 50% R.H.

To Touch – 1-2 Hours

Recoat – 8-16 Hours


120 sq. ft. per gallon @ 14 wet mils


Clean all tools and drippings with warm soapy water beforeLBC dries. Use a HEPA approved vacuum specifically designed to collect anyhazardous dust and/ or waste generated. Dispose of all waste according to allcurrent local, state and federal regulations.


Product is sensitive to heat and time. Store in a dry placeat temperatures between 40°F (4.5°C) and 90°F (32°C). Do not store or apply attemperatures in excess of 100°F. Rotate stock often. Use product in a wellventilated area. If respiratory irritation develops increase ventilation and/orwear respiratory protection. Use a disposable spray-mist/dust respirator ratedfor filtering aerosol mist to avoid oral contact with bitter tasting,anti-ingestant ingredient when spraying. When applying with a sprayer, wear aNIOSH approved respirator with any R, P, N or HE filter. Avoid contact witheyes and skin. Wash hands after use. LBC Type III will not protect occupantsfrom ingestion of the encapsulated lead-based paint, if surface is damaged,broken or abraded. Surfaces coated with LBC Type III must be inspected routinely.Damaged surfaces should be repaired and re-encapsulated immediately to preventexposure to the lead hazard. Not recommended for use on friction or impactsurfaces, or movable closures such as door jambs and window jambs. Residentsmay be present during brush or roller application but not in the immediate workarea (i.e., same room). Residents should not be present during sprayapplication for worksite safety reasons. Residents may return once applicationhas ceased and LBC III is dry to the touch.


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