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Honeywell North 5500 Series Half Mask Respirator

Honeywell North® 5500 Series Half Mask Respirator

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Product Code: RE3004-6
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The 5500 series Elastomeric half mask is the economicalsolution for the occasional user, contractors or as a “visitor’s mask” thatdoes not skimp on features. A wide contoured sealing area provides great fit.The low “dead air” space limits re-breathing of exhaled air for increasecomfort and worker productivity. Latex free straps stretch and move with theworker while providing optimum support.

- Low “dead air” space
- Variable thickness in sealing area
- Wide, contoured sealing area
- Head straps have dual elasticity
- ‘Parking’ feature- No chance of latex allergens

- Converts to PAPR or supplied air respirator. Latex free.Lower headstraps stretch and move with the worker for more comfort withoutpulling on the facepiece.
- The North 5500 Series half mask is the economical optionthat still provides many of the same features found in premium masks.
- Upper headstraps have minimum give to provide securesupport.
- Various thickness in sealing area for improved comfort andsupport - more support around the chin area and more flexibility on the nosebridge.
- Wide, contoured sealing area for great fit.

Recommended Industries/Use: Agriculture | Chemical | Food Services | Government | Manufacturing | Municipal Services

Hazards: Airborne Particulates, Biohazard, Chemical, Gas, Vapors, Smoke

Regulations: Regulation - NIOSH Certified for use with North N Seriesfilters and cartridges, Compact Air PAPR and CF2000 Supplied Air Respirator.

Facepiece Size: Small | Medium | Large

Color: Black

Facepiece Material: Elastomeric

Valve Type: Exhalation Valve

Strap Style: Adjustable Strap

Cartridge Type: N-Series

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