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Peel Away ST-1

Peel Away® ST-1

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Product Code: CH2004

Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is anenvironmentally friendly paint removal system that has been specificallyformulated for the safe and heavy-duty removal of lead-based paint from steelstructures such as tanks, bridges, and structural support members. Thenon-toxic Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover system is similar to PeelAway® 1, however, its self-sealing characteristic allows it to continue workingin a moist environment without requiring any biodegradable Dumond® LaminatedPaper. Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is a safe paint removalsystem that covers approximately 20 sq. ft. per gallon. The heavy-duty PeelAway®ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is applied by trowel or appropriate HDairless spray equipment with a dwell time of up to 24 hours. The eco-green PeelAway® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover paint removal process is accomplishedby using broad knives followed by a low-pressure, low-volume rinse minimizingliquid waste. Steel structure paint removal is effortless with this heavy-dutyyet safe paint removal system.


Since the environmentally friendly Peel Away® ST-1 SteelStructures Paint Remover is keeping the lead paint in a damp state, minimumcontainment is required, which facilitates safe lead-based paint removal Referto federal and local regulations for disposal of lead-based material. PeelAway® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is considered the best paint removalsystem for steel structure paint removal, and covers approximately 20 squarefeet per gallon.

- Peel Away® ST-1 is similar to Peel Away® I however it’s self-sealingcharacteristic allows it to continue working in a moist environment withoutrequiring any Peel Away® cover

- VOC compliant

- Recommended Use: Heavy duty removal of lead-based paintfrom steel structures such as tanks, bridges and structural members.

One application of the eco-friendly paint remover can remove30+ coats of paint.

The Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover isformulated without methylene chloride or flammable solvents and does notgenerate any hazardous fumes or odors, allowing safe and easy lead-based paintremoval

The biodegradable paint remover is globenon-toxic,non-carcinogenic, and nonflammable.

The safe lead-based paint remover controls lead-dustdispersal on industrial and lead remediation projects.

Our Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover makesheavy-duty lead paint removal safe and easy for any type of lead paint removalproject.


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