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Versi-Foam - System 50: LOW GWP (HFO) FORMULA

Versi-Foam - System 50: LOW GWP (HFO) FORMULA

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Spray Foam Insulation:
Product Code: WZ1301-HFO
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Versi-Foam® 2 lb closed cell spray foam insulation kits are available in two different formulations: Standard Formula and Class I (flame-retardant) Formula. The Standard Formula provides an R-value of 7.7 at a one inch thickness. Recommended for most commercial and industrial applications, the standard formula is ideal for air sealing, wall or ceiling insulation, condensation control, sound dampening, structural enhancement, tank and pipe insulation, roof repair, marine flotation, truck/trailer insulation, sculpting and molding, pool and spa insulation, and much more.

- Versi-Foam® Standard Density (1.75 pcf) Systems are the most commonly utilized in the Versi-Foam® product line.All are available in a standard formula and Class I* flame-retardant formula.

Convenient: System 50 does not require any externalpower source.

Slow Rise: Formula is tack-free in approximately 3minutes. This is useful in applications where the foam needs to flow to distantareas before it solidifies.

Eco-Friendly: System 50 has an insulation R-value of6.7.

Packaged in two cartons. The system is complete with the twochemical components, our patented U-Control dispensing gun attached to two15-foot hoses, ten mixing nozzles, three fan tips, and nitrile gloves. Willproduce 600 square feet of cured foam at a 1" thickness, or 50 cubic feet.Available in both the Standard and Class I formula.

Large systems can be shut down and used on another day. Oncethe kit is opened, it is recommended that the kit be used in 30 days, and it isrequired that the systems are used at least once every seven days.

Standard Spec Sheet

Class I Spec Sheet

Standard Safety Sheet

Class I Safety Sheet

Class I (flame-retardant) Formula provides an R-value 6.7 at a one inch thickness. Classified as Class I in accordance with ASTM E-84, these flame-retardant kits will limit the flame spread and smoke development if exposed to a fire. Class I kits are recommended for use in inhabited buildings, including residential applications or any application in which flammability is a concern. Always consult your local building codes to determine if a flame retardant product is required for your application.

All of the Class I kits are manufactured with an anti-microbial formula that stops mold from growing on the surface of the foam. All Versi-Foam products are naturally mold resistant, but the added anti-microbial element provides a safeguard against the growth of the five most common types of fungi found in homes.


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