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Versi-Foam - System 100

Versi-Foam - System 100

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Versi-Foam® open cell foam has a density of approximately 0.75 pounds per cubic foot. It is 92% open cell and has an insulation R-value of 4, lower than the other Versi-Foam systems, but still superior to some of the other commonly used insulation materials. The appeal of this product is it's high expansion rate. Less foam is needed during application which makes it more cost effective.

- It offers a cost-effective means to insulate, control air movement and reduce sound transmission between rooms within the building.

Convenient: System 100 is pre-pressurized andrequires no external power source.

Less Expensive: System 100 has a high expansion rate,making it less expensive per board foot than a closed cell foam.

High Value: System 100 offers a cost-effective meansto insulate, control air movement and reduce sound transmission between roomswithin the building.

Packaged in two cartons and includes the two chemicalcomponents, our patented U-Control dispensing gun attached to two 15-foothoses, ten extended mixing nozzles, three fan tips, and nitrile gloves. Willproduce 1,200 board feet of cured foam or 100 cubic feet at a 1” thickness.Class I (flame retardant) formula.

Large systems can be shut down and used on another day. Oncethe kit is opened, it is recommended that the kit be used in 30 days, and it isrequired that the systems are used at least once every seven days.

Spec Sheet

Safety Sheet

Open cell Versi-Foam kits are particularly dependent on temperature. The yield of open cell products will be greatly reduced in cooler temperatures. In order to fully expand, the open cell foam must utilize heat from the exothermic chemical reaction created when the two chemicals mix - in essence building off of its own heat reaction to reach its full expansion potential. The heat reaction is greater the thicker the foam is applied which helps the expansion. For this reason, open cell Versi-Foam kits should never be applied in less than 1" passes. Even in the warmest temperatures, the open cell product should NEVER be used in "flash spray" (i.e. less than 1") applications, as yield will be GREATLY reduced.
These systems are best suited for residential roof deck applications (unvented attics, cathedral ceilings, and garage roofs). Some areas of the country (particularly Southern Regions) require open cell foam sprayed along the underside of the roof deck. In the presence of moisture, this low density foam will dissipate the moisture quicker than closed cell foam. Open cell foam should be installed at a two inch thickness for air sealing applications.


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